Regional Offices

West Rand area with Mogale City at the centre of its served market strategy with a local strong operations and projects  hub forms part of the Roshqott’s strategy  to competitively and efficiently serve the local metropolitan region.

Roshqott  is sensitized to the need for financial gains earned across the regions in our Country to be  ploughed back into those same region’s local socio-economic development and job creation drives, where local businesses and population stand to gain from local projects. Part of that initiative Roshqott has extended its operations from Kyalami headquarters to  local office in  Mogale City also serving the Rand West City Local Municipality. In following the plough back economic principle, a  Local regional office within the Ekurhuleni metro was concluded early in 2017.

We are targeting to  grow Roshqott’s served market in Gauteng and Limpopo