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Most Frequently asked questions

What makes our franchise unique?

Franchising the Energy sector is an unique  concept  where Roshqott  grants  ;

The rights to use its  complete business package containing all the elements necessary to enterprise a previously disempowered   person into the Energy business ;

To enable him or her to run it on an ongoing basis, efficiently and profitably according to guidelines supplied;

Franchised Business models are diverse ,ranging from selected products and services agreements to the complete range that include Substation ,Overhead line construction and HV/MV plant and equipment  maintenance

The premise is that franchisees can achieve better results than in own businesses, where franchising is used to grow the total served market and achieve cost reduction.

What are the core values that drive our business?

The philosophy of Roshqott’s unique Engineering Franchise concept is derived from the need to build Energy projects capacity of South Africa to respond to the changing economic and political environment and participate effectively in the decisions that affect their lives. It recognizes the need for economic development to lead to equitable distribution of income and wealth in order to improve the quality of life of all citizens. ROSHQOTT’S Engineering Franchises’ aim to equip black male and female engineers   with the necessary  power distribution competencies, which would enable them to take better advantage of economic opportunities  and thereby have a stake in the process of economic growth and development.

The main objective emanates from the need to develop capacity to enable full participation of citizens at all levels of economic development in order that they are better able to face the challenges relating to their survival without continuing to expect direct and material support from Government. To this end, the franchise  aims at development of skills and knowledge in order for citizens to be able to realize their full potential, build capacity for private sector to grow  business through technical and managerial skills and, to infuse entrepreneurial culture in order to build a foundation for global competitiveness at all levels.

How do we support and guide new franchisees to build their business and our brand?

Create trust and consistency:

  • Develop a model that ensures clear and equitable relationships
  • Ensure that policies, procedures and practices treat the franchisee as a partner

Create true ownership and accountability:

  • Work together on joint business planning and allow for a model that provides enough flexibility for both sides to succeed

 Create one voice:

  • A franchisees’ association – associate and get together
  • Participate in the organization process to ensure franchisor interests are not damaged

What is your strategy for growth over the next ten years, nationally and abroad?

See attached growth strategy file

Why should you invest in your business?

At one time or another in our lives we all want to own our own business. For many of us, taking that giant leap towards total independence and financial high gains is very frightening. However, buying into a Engineering franchise can be a viable option where you, as the franchisee, are provided with the established name brand of the company and engineering know how, i.e. an established trade mark and backing in the form of engineering know how, business management systems, access to technology at competitive prices and funding capital and more importantly at measurable and manageable risk levels.

The number of organizational fatality amongst small companies  is high where SMEE’S do not survive for long periods or find it almost impossible to grow their markets, notwithstanding  Government’s economic development initiatives targeting stimulation and growth of SMEE’S. These failures can be generally ascribed to the following main market’s  shortcomings :

  • Accessibility to capital –high set up and operational costs
  • High research and development costs
  • Expert  business management  and Engineering  knowledge.
  • Extensive service and maintenance capabilities ,capacities and distribution centres
  • Scarcity of suitably qualified and experienced human resources .

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